My Family Thanks You All


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After reading BP's Turkey Tips (a zillion times) and everyone else's posts, I decided to do the turkey on the traeger. Here's what I know worked:

Smaller bird - 13 lbs was perfect call.
275 degrees - what a great temp.
No stuffing in the bird - sure made it easy.
Let it rest - wow, what a difference that made.
BP's school of carving - again, this made a big difference.

I essentially put the bird in and didn't look at it for 3 1/2 hours. Easiest Thanksgiving dinner I've ever made.

What would I do different - probably a heavier smoke. I used maple, looking for just a hint of smoke. Might even go back to mesquite.

All in all this was the best turkey I've ever cooked. My family loved it. Thank you all for sharing your ideas and experiences with us rookie smokers.



Sounds like your Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success. :cool:

I second Squirt's advice on the black walnut. It's a heavier smoke without it being bitter. I can safely say that black walnut has become a staple flavor at our house.


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Agree TentHunter on the easiest Thanksgiving dinner ever I cooked. Also used hickory and was pleased with the smoke flavor we got. However did leave mine on smoke setting for the first two hours not sure if that had a affect or not. Still learning the ways of MAK smoker.
Also like posted in a earlier post the turkey was so moist was really surprised.


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I've done two spatchcocked turkeys like I have learned to do here. One I did for practice. The other I did for our actual Thanksgiving. What I have learned here is invaluable, and will make for great holiday seasons for years to come.
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