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My name is Paul and I'm a pellet smoker



I've been a pellet smoker for about 6 years and attempting to smoke meat for a few years longer. I've been using a Traeger Lil Tex for all that time, quite successfully, and it's still going strong, if you ignore some peeling paint, but I decided this spring it was time for something new so I got a Mak 2 star. So far I've been very impressed and pleased. The only slightly sad part is it is a 2014 model. If I'd waited a couple months I could have had the 2015 model, but that's always the case and I would have missed out on two months of use.

In any case, I'm glad to be part of the forum.

Low Down

New member
Hello Tocayo and welcome! I'd just be happy to be using a pellet smoker at this point (waiting on a '15 to ship). Looking forward to what ya got to share about the 2 star and your smokin'/grillin' experiences overall.

So Cal Smoker

New member
Welcome to the forum Paul and the MAK family. Wheather it's a 2014 or 2015 the end result is what counts. Good luck and good smoken.



You've got a great piece of equipment and I agree with Bill, the only thing that truly matters is the end result.



New member
Welcome Paul!

The 2014 MAK 2 Star is a great grill, as long as you're outside grilling & smoking, that's all that matters.


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I can't wait to buy a Mak 2 Star General, had a bad experience with the local dealer when I was going to buy one. However, I will take that up with the owner today when I call them.
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