My name is Steven and I am a pellet smoker.


Let me introduce my self...I have been reading this forum and finally contacted BPS and ordered my Mak 2. Still waiting for it so I will expect it to be another week or so before arrival. Already planning what I will smoke first (after burn-in).

Looking forward to many hours of reading on this forum and taking those ideas onto the Mak.

Thanks all!

r/Steve (aka Hobbit)


Welcome aboard and welcome to the MAK family. You have a great cooker there and we all will be looking forward to see what you cook with it.


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Welcome from a North Carolina MAK owner. There is a lot to love about the MAK.


I retired to NC, but previously lived in Herndon, VA.


Tolkien Fan, well yes and no. I am a fan of the all the books but Hobbit is the nickname bestowed upon me by by my shipmates on my first ship. It stayed with me throughout my time in the Navy and throughout my civilian career. Since I am not one to crave legroom on aircraft and I like to cook and dine, it is appropriate. Now I just have to find the right avatar.


Thank you all for the warm welcome. I am still awaiting the big truck. BPS says I should be getting a call from UPS to set up the delivery window. Camera is primed for the big day! Can't wait for the first cook.
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