Need your help please.


Next weekend I am smoking 2 Wagyu beef briskets for a brisket cooking competition. Going very simple. The briskets will be rubbed with Zach's Brisket Rub and then smoked on the MAK 2 Star at 225 using BBQ'rs delight hickory pellets to an IT of 180. Will slice and prepare the turn-in box at the judging site.

Here is where I need your help. I want to very lightly "paint" the individual slices of meat with something that will create a nice gloss or sheen to the meat without adding any foreign flavor. I'm smoking 2 briskets this weekend to practice and will collect the drippings from them.

Any ideas for me? Thank you all for any help.


Your in the right direction. Keep the drippings ,cool skim off the top fat layer and keep the brisket jello. Reheat next week and brush on.
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