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New MAK Owner needs Advice

CDN Smoker

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Hi All,

I am used to foiling to keep my smoker nice. In the instructions it says you can have the flame zone cover on if you are smoking not grilling.

I did this and then foiled over all. As you can see my bacon first did not go well.


This time I foiled without the flame zone covers

What are the experienced MAK owners doing?



Stop fretting over it and let it get dirty and black, or you will drive yourself nuts. Scrape off what you can in between cooks.

Besides, believe it or not the FlameZone is more efficient if you let it get black because then you're taking advantage of infrared heat. Maybe Tommy (TMB) can explain this better since he's pretty well versed on infrared.

When the drip pan gets really caked, we just throw it in our self cleaning oven, let it cool and spray it off with a hose. Clean as a whistle and ready to get dirty again! ;)


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Felt the same way. But hey, it's a grill! It's gonna get dirty! First time I cleaned the grease drawer I had to call MAK to compliment them on how well built it was. Took less than a minute to clean and looked pristine, such that I'd be willing to eat off it!
For the other parts, I am no longer interested to keep them shiny.

Someone on this forum recommended greased lightning for cleaning smoke stains, and it works great. Also the best SS cleaner I've ever used.



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TentHunter ask if I could shed a little "infrared" on he subject. ;)

Now, the Flame Zone in the MAK is very close to the infrared emitter that Char Broil uses on their Quantum line. This is a GOOD thing so don't feel like you need to keep it clean. Like cast iron pots the darker the metal the better heat transfer to your food.

I have been using The Big Easy, the Smoker Raoster & Grill + I have two of the ele-Big Easy's (all infrared) and it's nothing but pure cooking energy at it's best!!! You get more even heat plus the added advantage of less moister loss from your food.

If you were to cook a chicken in an oven you would need to pull it by 160 to 165 so it won't dry out right? Not with infrared! I carry my yardbirds to 170 to 175 all the time and they are nothing but moist. No lie, infrared is the next big step in cooking outdoors.

Now yours won't be 100% infrared it will be closer to 65% to 70% but this is OK cause the Quantum is only 68% if I remember right. Just keep in mind Heat drys infrared won't :)

I believe in it so much I built an infrared pellet grill that TentHunter among others has seen. You sir have an infrared plate so use it get it dirty and dark and you will enjoy some of the best food you ever had! Hey a MAK is one of the best (IMHO ;) ) pellet grills out there and one day when I can afford the $$$$$$ i'll have one. Use the plate and season it and you will not be sorry.

Please if you need some more info just ask,

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What they said. Don't bother foiling the flame zone pan. Waste of time. If you want to clean it, into a self cleaning oven for 2-3 hours and rinse. Same for the covers.


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I kept my gasser, and will put my drip pans, grates, etc. in the gasser on high for about 15 minutes or so and everything brushes off easily. I don't miss the foil one bit!

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