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Hello my name is Smo, and I am a pellet smoker. I have been cooking and BBQing for most of my life, but recently got a pit boss 820d smoker. It has worked pretty well for 2 cooks so far, but I know that it can be more consistent. I've purchased a pellet pro PID, a heavy duty heat diffuser, and a Don Godke downdraft system. These items should be here soon and I can start "tuning" the pit. Just about an hour ago I pulled out a 27.5lb suckling pig to roast. I want to do a test cook before I have to do it in front of a bunch of people. The only "problem" is that there are only 3 people and 1 dog in my household lol, and that's going to be a lot of leftovers! I'm sure that we can find people willing to take some leftovers.. my lechon is requested quite often, so I hope this someday gains the same legacy. Sorry for the runoffs.

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Welcome to the forum! I can't wait to see some pics of the suckling piggy on your Pit Boss!

Keep us posted on how the upgrades work out.


Welcome to Smo!

I think you will be surprised at how little meat you'll get out of a 27'lber. We do 50lbrs regularly while catering and it amazes me just how little meat there is.
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