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Hi. Some what new smoking from the 808 (hawaii). I got a traeger and have used it several times. Still having to work out some problems like flame out and how to get smoke temp lower. I change the p setting but it tends to flame out at higher p temps. Trying to get smoke temp to about 160-180. Any help would be great.


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True hot-smoke temperatures are between 165° - 185°, BUT I'd try a P setting that got me in the 185° - 195° range. Hopefully that will feed pellets often enough to minimize flameouts but still be fine for hot-smoking temps.

For additional smoke you can also add an A-Maze-N pellet tube (Big Poppa Smokers sells them). I have two; a 6 inch and a 12 inch.


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I've used a Smoke Daddy and Amaz'n to increase smoke profile. Both have their upsides and downsides but are both effective at what they're designed to do which is add Smoke flavor in the two areas where pellet smokers are weakest at adding Smoke flavor which is cooks under 3 hours and cook temps over 300F.
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