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I just got as new bbq/smoker. A Smoke Hollow. One side is a bbq and the other is a smoker. I have never smoked meat or fish before. But, i want to learn a few things. I went to my neighborhood store and picked up some pellets. They are infused with Aprico and rosemary. Perfect for chicken. However, i don't know what to do or for how long to smoke it.
Any and all help would be appreciated. The chicken is about 5 pounds and is brining right now.


What kind of fuel does your BBQ/Smoker use?

If it's charcoal, the first thing I will tell you is it will take a few cooks to start getting used to how much charcoal to use, etc.

To use those pellets with a charcoal smoker:

What not to do:

1) Do NOT just throw them on the coals; they will just burn up.

2) Do not soak them; leave them dry!

What to do:

Make a foil pouch or two, place a good handful (about 1/3 cup) of pellets in the pouch, seal it tightly and poke a single small hole in it and put it on the hot charcoal right before you add your food.

DO NOT poke more than one single hole, or make a big hole. Too much oxygen and the pellets will burn instead of smoking. Trust me on this; a single small hole is what you need and it will become a little smoke factory pumping smoke out for a good 25 - 30 minutes.


If you need more smoke, make a second or third pouch.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks a huge bunch. The smoker I have, has two sides to it. One the left is where you put the meat on and on the right side is where the charcoal and foil bag will go. I can't wait to try this today. You reply was VERY helpful. I will post the outcome tomorrow. I think a 4 hour smoke will be good enough for a 5 pound bird. One last question, do you or have you ever herd how to make Lox? I know it's a cold smoke concept, and I need to coat the salmon with salt and Irish peat, but have you ever actually done it ? At 8 bux a pound, it would be cheaper to do it myself.
Thanks again Tenthunter.
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