Newbie fro WA my name is Gary

Ha ha sounds like AA,, too funny
I am a BBQ supply person/cook/judge and I am looking for parts to build my own pellet pooper. I figured this wood be the best place to ask. Where can I get a Grate (pun intended) auger/hopper/feeder/controller for a decent price?
Hi Salmonsmoker
I am up in Lynden. "Garys BBQ Supplies". Good thing I started looking back at my old bookmarks or I wood have not seen all these posts. I appreciate all the welcomes :)
Thanks Tenthunter
Too bad he had one laying around,,,lol I need to know where to get one. There must be lots of brands that r as good as anything around??? yes? no? I'm new to Pelletsmokers.


Hopefully by now you're not still referring to pellet cookers as pellet poopers on a forum of pellet cooking enthusiasts.............
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