off topic... way off.... anyone have a good party punch recipe


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We are having a party on new years and i want to make a punch. alcoholic of corse.. :cool:anybody have some good ideas?

Thanks, Patrick

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Dang I wish I saw this sooner I coulda hooked you up with my apple pie recipe and sent ya mulling spices for it.


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Not sure how I missed this one either.. I would have had some ideas for ya. Oh well, there is always next year!


Not your Gramma's Apple Pie!

2 Qt Apple Juice
2 Qt Apple Cider
5 CP White or Brown Sugar
5 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Bottle of Everclear

Put sugar and cinnamon sticks in a pot and add enough liquid to dissolve the sugar. Heat but don't boil it until sugar is dissolved. Let cool. Add the rest of the liquids.


Imbibe at your own risk brother!!


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This is a little strong for a punch but here is a hurricane recipe I have had good luck with.

1 bottle (750ml) light rum
1 bottle (750ml) dark rum
1 quart passion fruit juice
24 oz Rose's lime juice
1 pint orange juice
1 pint grenadine
powdered sugar to taste

Mix well and chill. Serve in a hurricane lava glass garnished with an orange slice and cherry. I wouldn't advise having more than 2.


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Apple pie

2 gallons of apple cider
4 bags of mulling spice
3 cups of white sugar
1 bottle ever clear
1 bottle vodka
3 cinnamon sticks

Simmer the mulling spices in the cider for an hour then add the sugar. Once the sugar dissolves let it cool and add the cimmamon sticks and liquor.
I like to serve it in half pint mason jars.
It's the hillbilly in me!
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