Oh Baby! This Weeks Contest Enter! Rip is the judge

Big Poppa

Once again Rip is the judge....

Ok six cookers enter and its
First place $25.00 Gift Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15.00 Gift Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10.00 Gift Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

If there are twelve cookers entered then it will be
First $35. BPS
Second $20. BPS
Third $15. BPS
Fourth $10. BPS


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Sparky's Hillbilly Ribs

i watched the bbq pit boys (got the idea there) and they reminded me of my 2 friends from the coast guard (louie & leroy, they look just like the big guy with the pony tail) who live in the mountains in honeydew, ca. south of eureka in humboldt county. i spent 7 yrs of my life in humboldt county and this is for louie, leroy & bbq pit boys. Sparky's Hillbilly Ribs






arrrrr matey it was the only bbq sauce i could find with a pirate on it. cool huh.




the end.

i cut them all up and my wife and i stood right at the counter and ate the entire plate of ribs w/ some FT's. they were very good.

p.s. Scooter told me that there is a wealth of Q knowledge, TH told me about bbq pit boys. thanks to both ya'll.
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I loved that webisode. If Bob & Ray saw those ribs you'd definitely get a BBQ Pit Boys thumbs up Sparky; they look fabulous!
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Simple Pulled Pork

I was asked to supply pulled pork for a memorial service for this weekend. Yesterday morning I picked up an order from the meat packer - a 52.4 lb case of whole pork shoulders (3 whole shoulders weighing about 17 1/2 lbs. each). As requested they them cut in half to separate the Butts & Picnic cuts.

The Stoven gets its first real workout - Loaded up two whole shoulders (2 Butts & 2 Picnics) - about 35 lbs. A third smaller picnic shoulder went on the Weber (about 42 lbs in all).

Water pans & apple/hickory pellet blend in the smoker pot for additional smoke flavor.

I let it ride for about 7+ hours around 250° until the wee hours last night. Super tired, I sealed them in a couple foil pans to braise and then rest in the oven so I could get some sleep. Got up early this morning to check on them they were still nicely hot and very tender.

Got the kids to school and pulled them suckers before going to work this morning.

Got home from work, made the BBQ sauce to go with it (which was also requested)...

BBQ Sauce cooled & bottled. Pork pulled & packed tightly into a tub ready to go in the morning!

That tub's a little heavy!

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Late-night Cheese Smoke

I have the pork done, so now its time to focus on the pile of cheese that the Mrs. told me to get smoked so she could reclaim her refrigerator (Yes Dear :)).

So tonight we're having a little late-night cheese smoke. 23 1/2 lbs. of various cheese including:

- 4 lbs Extra Sharp Cheddar.
- 1 1/2 lbs Vermont Extra Sharp White Cheddar
- 1 lb. NY Extra Sharp Cheddar
- 1/2 lb. Mild Cheddar
- 1 lb. Pepper Jack
- 1 lb Monterrey Jack
- 1 lb Muenster
- 1 1/2 lbs Farmer's
- 1 lb Sharp American
- 1 1/2 lbs Yellow Amish Gouda
- 2 wedges Amish Blue
- 2 lbs. Amish Baby Swiss
- 3 lbs Provolone
- 4 lbs Swiss & Rye (Swiss coated w/Caraway seeds)


Smoked Swiss & Rye

This stuff is good. Bring 1/4" water in a pan to a very low simmer. Set the cheese in for about 8 - 10 seconds to heat & soften just the outside layer. Then press it in into some Caraway seed sprinkled in a small dish. This embeds the seed a bit it doesn't fall off. Allow to cool and dry a while.

I also like coating Cheddar and Gouda with Paprika.

To cold-smoke the cheese, foil packs of Apple pellets were set on top of 6 charcoal briquettes to keep a very light Apple wood Smoke going. Pellet pouches are perfect for this task!

Stay tuned for more pics (when its done)...
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Alright Sparky and Tent! Great start!

What contest? You share your cooks, we all get to enjoy them (even the lurkers), AND 4 (or 3) of you get a little something extra.....so, show us what's cooking at your place!

You have up to Monday evening the enter. If necessay, PM me for help with posting pics.


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Stuffed MAK'Burgers

Did these this past week.

Stuffed hidden valley ranch stuffed avocado and smoked farmers cheese burgers.

1 pack of hidden valley to 1.5 lbs of GB. Mix well.

Got my smoked farmers cheese grated.

Sliced the avocado (sorry no pics) And started to make the burgers.

Stuffing the burger with cheese and avocado.

Also made a stuffed MAK cooked chili and cheese Bacon wrapped burger.


$$ Shots



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Looks good Rick...hard not to think those burgers coulda been done in the pocket smoker :)


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Pork Chop Dinner

Boneless pork chops Paula Dean seasoning and 17th street Magic Dust on grill grates

Green Beans from last years Garden Sauted in butter sesame oil & dash of teriaki

Pork chops was cooked on grill grates 3 minutes on each side


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Desert Gold Chicken

got some chicken breast and dusted with some Desert Gold. put on old friend. use a packet of apple pellets for some smokie, smokie.

put a sear on it then set up grill for some indirect heat.

had a few adult beverages. check temp. pulled at 160º

poured a glass of milk, made a wedge salad with some avocados and tomatos. yummy.

its was a excellent dinner. :cool:


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a glass of milk, you feeling ok Sparky? need me to make you some smoked chicken soup?
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Cooking for the office - Part 1

I telecommute and the office is about 3 hours away. When i'm close to a project ending it gets crazy so I go and stay near the office for a week or so, I usually end up eating breakfast, lunch & dinner at the office & it's in a small town so dinner choices are limited pretty much to pizza, pizza, pizza, bad chinese........... a week of a pizza place menu gets old very quick, so I have a crockpot that lives at the office, there is a toaster oven and microwave so I plan a few meals........

So yesterday I prepped a few things for me & my coworkers ........ first up......... Ground turkey/bean burritos

Took two pounds of ground turkey breast, added a couple kinds of chili powder, granulated onion, cayenne, cumin, mexican oregano, some little louies w/pepper (thanks BP), some garlic, a can of green chilis and later added the can of refried beans and mixed it all up


into the traeger - it's the one on the right


when I went out to check on it later I decided it needed some diced red pepper added that and it looked like this when it came out


rolled up a few with some mexican blend cheese in whole wheat tortillas


of course I had to taste test

these were very good, I had debated adding the chilis & beans before or after the turkey cooked, before was a good move, it helped keep the turkey breast moist
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Cooking for the office Part II

Turkey Sausage and Peppers (CarterQ inspired) !

Prepped the veggies - onions, red peppers, green peppers sprinkled with oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil, a healthy dose of crushed red pepper, little louies with pepper, added some garlic


placed the sausages on top to start


but later moved them around the grill edges to get some color


cut the sausage into chunks, added 1/2 can tomato paste, can of diced tomatoes, into bag to transport........ this will go into slow cooker to heat up and finish cooking for a lunch or dinner...... I'll talk someone else into grabbing some rolls and provolone cheese on their way to the office the day we have this.......

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