Oh Man...Not another Oregon guy


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Glad i found this site, I have a Treager Tex. Been using it for years, never been really satisfied with the results i achieved. Done a lot of research on this site and realized my way of cooking was the result of not enough research.

So I have changed my pellet....going away from Treager brand (not saying anything bad about them, just trying others)

Also thinking about a Mak....they make them in my area.

Hoping to learn alot, already have.:cool:


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I think almost all of us started on a Traeger and eventually moved on. You'll find a lot of MAK fans here who are full of helpful advice.


Welcome to PS.com Gunny!! You're 15 miles from the MAK factory. You owe it to yourself to go see the place and meet Bob and Matt! See the quality of the materials and the build.
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