OK I know its cold out there...POLAR BEAR CONTEST

Big Poppa

Lets have a contest...Im going to judge it...

Cook away..bonus points will be given to the coldest smoker setting!

Fire away contest ends at midnight sunday pacific time

$25 First Prize Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
$15 Second Prize Store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
$10 Third Prize Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 bucks in store credit to all who enter!


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Good luck to all of you who have had to put up with the temps and precip! Can't wait to see the cold weather cooks!


It's been a while since we held the last weekend contest and we've had some new members join up. Might be a good time to refresh up the few rules that we all play by.
The only exception is rule #3. Since we no longer hold these informal contests on a weekly basis this weekends winner may, or may not, judge next week. It all depends on participation. The more that participate, the more BP may consider holding another contest soon.
It really is easy, just cook something between now and Sunday night and take pics of your cook. Tell us a little (or a lot) about your cook and post the pics. That's really all there is too it. You can even not type anything and simply let your pics do the talking.

Weekend Contest Rules said:
This is a fun contest where everyone can show off their weekend cooks and win prizes from Big Poppa Smokers.

The only rules are:

1) This is a weekend contest - Starts on Friday and entries are due Sunday, Midnight Pacific time. If it's a holiday weekend, Big Poppa can extend the entry period. The food entry should be cooked during this weekend time period, using pellets (as specified).

2) You can cook with anything you want - gasser, charcoal, campfire, or pellet fueled. Just incorporate pellets into the cook somehow and show how you used them.

3) Judging happens the day after the contest ends. You win you judge; this weeks winner is next weeks judge!

4) If there are less than six (6) entrants, the contest will carry over to the following weekend.

5) PLEASE limit photos (actual attachments or "" codes) to no more than 12 per entry.

Tip: Composite photos (a collage of smaller pics) take up less room and only count as one photo.

Have fun! This isn't a cut throat comp, just a fun way to share what you're cooking and to see what everyone else is doing! [/QUOTE]
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Orange Chicken

It is cold here today down from 82 yesterday it was a cool 77. The cook today is chicken which I know we cook a lot of. The new twist is we baste with orange juice before we put on any rub. This chicken had some Mexican Chicken seasoning and Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction (which everyone should have a bottle of).On the MAK @ 400 until the temp reads it is done. With the weather being cold it was nice to monitor the cook with the WiFi control.



Homemade banana bread and fresh green beans to go with the chicken



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Chuck Eye Steaks and Mango Mango Shrimp

Menu was some nice chuck eye steaks, shrimp, and some cheat frozen potatoes.

Chuck Eyes - before going on the grill they were seasoned with Tatonka Dust. Cold smoked the steaks for an hour using charcoal pellets in the AMNTS with the Yoder set to 150°.

It was actually 40 degrees warmer today than what we have had the last week or so!

Got the shrimp ready while the steaks were smoking. Cleaned them up and then added them to a ziplock with some Mango Mango Preserves (dang Shark Tank TV show had me hooked and I had to order). They set in the preserves for about 90 mins before they went on to the grill.

Used a cheat on the potatoes - added some minced garlic, butter, and some BPS Desert Gold seasoning to them.

Just before going on the grill I hit the shrimp with some Everglades Catus Heat seasoning. As the shrimp were cooking, I did a quick sear on the steaks to get them up to temp.

Hot of the grill!

Plated. Best shrimp to date - would highly recommend the Mango Mango!! Steaks came out a perfect medium rare and were incredibly tender and flavorful! Will be buying more Chuck Eyes in the future!!

Sriracha/Sweet Money Pork Chops with BPS Scalloped Potatoes and Smoked Broccoli

I probably won't get any bonus points for weather, as it was a comfortable 65°F outside this weekend (although cooler than jimsbarbecue!):


Ok. To be honest, since I don't have the cold temps, trying to bribe the judge using his recipes :eek: Started with Jalepeno, cheddar, scalloped potatoes as seen on BPTV through BPS website:


Covered the potatoes and put on the MAK 2 Star at 350°F. Then got the Sriracha and BPS Sweet Money Pork Chops ready to go (as seen in Big Poppa post a while back):


Prepped the smoked broccoli as described on BPTV, except used BPS Desert Gold instead of salt and pepper:


When it was time to uncover the potatoes, added the broccoli to the MAK on a frogmat:


Then put the pork chops on (everything still at 350°F):


Everything cooking together:


Chops flipped and everything almost done:


All plated up:


Other than overcooking the broccoli, everything was great! This is the second time I have tried the potatoes, and this time I sliced them a little thicker on the mandolin and they came out much better. Broccoli was overdone, but still had good flavor. Pork chops with Sriracha and Sweet Money are the bomb!!!! Family loved it.

Thanks for looking!


Bavarian Schweinebraten mit Sauerkraut und Fingernoodeln


Bavarian Style Pork Steaks with Sauerkraut & Rolled Potato Dumplings (or finger noodles).

We picked up a small pork butt at the butcher's and had it cut it into steaks. Put them on the MAK with a little Black pepper & Nutmeg.


Setup the MAK with the split grate & Griddle. Put the smoked pork steaks in to braise with some kraut, a little Apple & some caraway seed.

Mix up some potato dumplings (Mashed Potatoes, Flour, Egg, Salt, Pepper & nutmeg), roll them out, then drop into boiling water for 5 - 6 minutes.

Saute some onions in a little olive oil & butter, then add the dumplings (I love my MAK Griddle).[/I]

Time to eat!



Mmmm... Lecker!


Double Secret balsamic Chuck Eye steaks

Tonights dinner is red neck sous vide Chuck Eye steaks seasoned with whiskey balsamic glaze, DSSR and a Simply Marvelous Cherry rub accent.
To go on the finished steaks I made a blue cheese compound butter and some MAK smoked steakhouse mushrooms.
To go along with the steak we made MAK smoked twice baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts and Haricots Verts sauteed in bacon drippings with shallots and bacon.

First get the taters going in the MAK. The players for the MAK smoked steakhouse mushrooms are crimini mushrooms, onion, garlic (not in pic), butter, red wine, jalapeno seasoned salt and Desert Gold.

Get the steaks out

Season with whiskey balsamic, double secret steak rub, and a touch of Simply Marvelous Cherry rub.

The cooker getting the nod for the steaks is a BPS Engineered Drum Smoker of course with BBQrs Delight 100% Oak pellets!!

Oh yeah, that thin blue smoke is kissing the steaks right now!

On the MAK smoking for an hour and several stirrings later, the mushrooms are done!

Steaks are done and resting with the blue cheese butter melting on top!

TJ's Apple Blossom, Happy Birthday Big Poppa!

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Scooter your drum is way to clean. I am not surprised it just makes me look bad! Still doesn't mean I am cleaning mine anytime soon! The food looks great.


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Wow a lot of awesome food here. My palette would go for Scooter's steak, beans, and taters. I think TH gets the nod for complexity.
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