Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers


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I was looking through a Cooks country magazine this morning and saw this recipe. I had already been planning to do buffalo burgers so I decided to try them.

The onion is sliced really thin, salted and sits in a colander for 30 minutes. You put them in a clean dishtowel and squeeze them dry. Then divide the onion and push the patty onto the onion

onto a hot griddle (this is after they were flipped)


and dinner - the burger on some homemade focaccia, alexia fries and squash blossoms that Kevin filled with goat cheese and fried up.


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they were soft all the way through.

I set the MAK at 375 and let the griddle preheat. If I were to do again I think I would bring it down just a little. I didn't get a cut pic but the burgers were medium rare


I love burgers done like this. Usually they're thin from smashing the burger & onion together, but I sure do like they way those thick burgers look. Nicely done!
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