Old Time Offset Smoker new to Pellet Grills


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Finally decided to try out Pellet Smoking and have found out at age 69 it is definitely a Breeze compared to the years i used Offset Smokers in Cook Off Competitions. Retired now and i realize i cannot get the same intense smoke flavor from these Pellet Grills even using a few 12 inch Pellet Tube smokers in the Pellet Hopper but it sure makes my old body alot more relaxed using WiFi thermo probes sitting in the A/C in this South Texas heat.

Regards to All, Ron


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Welcome to the wonderful world of pellet cooking! If you are anything like many of us, you will acquire a taste and fall in love with pellet smoked food. What pellet cooker are you cooking on?


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I'm 46 and in Central texas and have only done 2 cooks on an inexpensive offset smoker. I bought a pellet smoker for the same reasons you mention.

I'm interested in learning tricks I can from you as to how to get the most smoke out of mine as possible. I'm starting a cook in a few hours and will be happy to sleep most of the night.


Suggest two things. Put the meat in the smoker cold then turn on. The longer the outside of the meat is below 140º the more smoke it will absorb. You can always pick up a smoker tube from A-MAZE-N as a supplemental source.
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