Pastrami from store bought corned beef brisket


I've made several different type meat pastrami's in the past: goose, elk, antelope, and venison. I did the corning myself and then followed with some home made rub and a smoke in the Bradley smoker. All turned out excellent.

Now that I have a pellet grill, I want to try a pastrami from a store bought corned beef brisket. I'm thinking that I should do the smoke at about 220 - 225 until the IT hits 160-165. Should I then wrap it as in brisket and continue to cook on the grill until the IT hits what - 190, 200, 204?

If I wrap it, should I add a cup of beef broth as I did on my brisket?

Pastrami sandwich is one of my all time favorites with a Reuben at the top.

Looking for answers and would like to do next week.

I plan to apply the rub, vacuum seal, and refrigerate for about 2 to 3 days before the smoke.


Thank you Sir; I will try it. I just printed it out and will start the prep this weekend with some pictures to follow next week. I've done several game meat pastrami's in the past in my Bradley smoker and they all turned out great. I use a similar rub to that in your referenced recipe and it does a good job. But I've not seen the part about keeping the rubbed meat for a couple days before smoking. That will be a new process for me. Thanks again for the link to that recipe.


And so it begins

I put the pastrami prepped corned beef brisket in the smoker a short time ago. I'm running the grill at 225 and the meat IT is up to 127 already. I'll wrap it when it gets to 150*F and continue to cook until 190*F at which time I'll check for tenderness. Here it is after 2 days chilling after applying the rub.


Here it is on the grill.




It took a little longer than 4 hours to finish. I pulled it at 200*F because the probe test felt like it was ready and let it rest for an hour wrapped in a heavy towel and inserted into a cooler. Found out when I cut it that it wasn't QUITE tender enough to be called perfect. :)

I'm going to let it cool down and then refrigerate overnight and then slice it very thin on my electric slicer. This will them be used for sandwiches. Tomorrow night, I'm going to make my own pastrami burger with cheddar cheese. The sample I just tasted was very moist and had a good flavor. I used the Katz's recipe but would gues it is NOT Katz quality pastrami by any means. But it ain't bad - it AIN'T gonna be fed to the dog. :D

I'll post a sandwich picture tomorrow. For now, here is what it looked like at the first cutting.



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Bob, that same website I gave you also has a recipe for Rueben Soup. It has everything in it for a Rueben sandwich including kraut, with a slice or two of rye bread on the side. I've got my pastrami diced and frozen, so it's going to be made any day now.


Okay then - sliced it up yesterday morning after letting it cool overnight.


Next, for lunch, I grilled up a hamburger patty and 3 oz of the pastrami and added some fry sauce to the bun along with lettuce and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.


Here's the final product ready to eat.


Folks - it were fit!


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