Pastrami Log & Hot-Pepper-Cheese S.S.


I was looking for something a little different to do with a 5 lb chub of 27/73 ground beef.

OK, some pepper & cheese summer sausage sounds good. The Mrs. loves corned beef & pastrami, so heck, why not try to get the flavors of pastrami into a log? That could work.

Here we go.

For the Hot Pepper-Cheese S.S. le's start with my normal S.S. seasoning mix...

And add some jalapeno, red pepper & extra sharp cheddar.

For the Pastrami log simmer some pickling spice in water, strain and use the liquid along with the typical Pastrami seasonings.

On the MAK gettin' smoked!

Both turned out really good and tasty.

The Hot-Pepper & cheese Summer Sausage is a nice mild-medium heat. The pastrami log has that classic corned beef/pastrami flavor and the wife gave it a thumbs up! :)
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