Pepper Jack and Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops


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For the pork chops here are most of the players... I was going to stuff with just the pepper jack cheese but Marty was seasoning up the WSM with a round of bacon so I crumbled a couple pieces of that to use as well.

Took the pork chop and cut a slit in the side to create a pocket. Added some pepper jack cheese, some crumbled cooked bacon, and then more cheese. Seasoned both sides with a light coat of BPS Jalapeno Bacon, and then the BPS Money. Then wrapped some of our homemade bacon around them to keep the stuffing in. Used some silicone grilling bands to hold the bacon around the pork chop. Onto the Yoder to smoke for 45 mins at 150°. There was MHC (blended pellet of Maple, Hickory, and Cherry) in both the hopper and the tube smoker.

Potatoes/Veggies were a cheat from the frozen section - added some butter, minced garlic and BPS Desert Gold to the pan and then onto the grill to cook with the pork chops.

Plated pic - all done on the grill including the dinner roll. That was a cheat too from the frozen section! :p

Sliced! See I did actually stuff those even though I didn't get a picture.

I wouldn't leave you without a close up shot!

Loved everything about this chop and will be doing them again, the taste was amazing!!
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