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Pig Candy

CDN Smoker

New member
The new MAK will be arriving soon, after the burn in the next will be learning my smoker for hot spots by covering it with bacon.

Next will be Pig Candy, any hits? Never made it before.

Many Thanks

Chili Head

New member
I like just smoked bacon with jalapeño season salt. Go light on the jss if you use it.
If you go the brown sugar route use frog mats so the bacon don't stick.


New member
I like pig candy, brown surgar mixed with some cayenne pepper. Like Chili said... use frogmats. It's the law that you cook this first on your Mak!


I like the brown sugar with a bit of cayenne. A little mist of Jack Daniels, or Kentucky bourbon at the end makes it even better.

If you don't have frogmats it'll still work fine, but frogmats make it a bit easier.
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