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Being in California, I have never seen whole packer briskets at Costco as many talk about. Today, I went to Costco and found whole packer briskets, and they were PRIME for much less than I have found Choice in the area. Obviously, my plans have changed on what I will be cooking over the next few weekends.


Very cool!

Brisket prices have dropped quite a bit in our area. Because of their prices I have stayed away from briskets the past couple years, but now that they've come back down I may get one soon myself!


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I bought a 15.98lb USDA Prime whole packer brisket from my local Costco last week. I paid $3.79 per pound. Cooked it for 16 hours at 225 and it turned out great. Went back to same Costco yesterday and they had the same briskets for $3.29 per pound. They even had some 17lb ones.


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I've had great luck with the Costco Prime packers. I believe they are so cheap because of the enormous amount of fat in the package. It usually takes me half an hour to trim one down to a reasonable flat and point. I'm guessing I wind up throwing out 5 to 10lbs of fat every time, and I'm leaving a 3/8" to 1/2" fat cap on them!

Mine usually finish in 6 to 8 hours, including an hour or so of smoke at 180F and the rest at 225F...


Which Costco NorCal? The only whole packers I've seen in the Costcos in the bay area have tiny points like they've trimmed most of the point off.

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All prime and wagyu briskets will have a lot of fat...sort of comes with the marbling. Costco can sell these because they buy so many and use beef as a loss leader like the do with rotisserie chicken...which they lose 40 million a year on but it brings customers in who spend a ton more.


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I retired from Costco....I Will NOT buy beef from anywhere else, not to say others aren't good also, but its been my experience that if you find something good...stick with it.

My favorite is the Prime T-Bone....yummy
Scooter, it was the one in Concord. I went back yesterday and they did not have any. I don't know if it was I one time thing, but I never saw them at Costco before. I will post again if I see them again.
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