playing with phyllo


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was watching DDD the other night and Guy was at a diner in Baltimore. one of the dishes was spanakopita, I have never had it so I decided to make some. looked at a few recipes and took what I liked from each.

started with some shallots & garlic in some olive oil, added some spinach, then some ricotta, a bunch of feta , a little dill and mint

phyllo sheet down, brush with melted butter, another sheet, more butter, fold in 1/2 length wise, filling at one end and roll up into a triangle
(and I lost the picture)

since i had the phyllo out and had some strawberries and chocolate I also did a few dessert ones, decided to go a little larger for the dessert ones :)

marinated some chicken breast in greek dressing, tossed some cherry tomatoes in olive oil and little louies

everyone into the MAK



milk's on the table sparky ;)



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This looks great Deb! I have been playing with a few different ideas for phyllo in my head over the past couple of months. Looking at what you have done, I am going to have to bring them to life real soon.


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winner, winner chicken dinner. i loved this cook deb. i really wished i lived closer. the whole meal is just great. :) :) :)
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