Pork Brisket and snacks


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I picked up a pork brisket a week or so ago and did not have time to cook it so it went into the freezer. Neighbors were coming over for drinks and apps.
I had no idea what the pork thing was but it seems to be part of the ribs. I coated it with sriracha and Bovine Bold. On the MAK at 225 for 2 hours then bumped to 275.


Prepped some chicken wings (cut them in pieces and used some Kickin' Chicken seasoning

After about 3 hours the pork was looking good so mixed apple juice more sriracha some smoked paprika and chipolte flakes to add to the foil.


Chicken coming along great and made a 7 layer dip with refried beans, green chilis, sour cream, habanero salsa, black beans, Guac and mexican shredder cheese.


Pulled the wings and used 2 different sauces. Garlic hot wing sauce for 1/2 and Hot jerk seasoning for the others. Back on the MAK to set up.

Pulled the pork off at ~200

Pulled it and it was a lot like ribs.. everyone really loved it.. for the cheap price of the meat I will be buying it again for sure.
It was a fun day of cooking and snacking and sampling a bunch of the fall beers. I made cookies and cooked them on the MAK also but got no pics... baby was fussing so priorites changed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We did :)


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Pulled pic was cut off

It cooked for about 6 hours or so. Sat in the smoker box after it reached temp for about 2 hours while other stuff was finishing.
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