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Pork Prodded Pork Shoulders are Sweet Money!

Decided to try Pork Prod injection on some pork shoulders.


Rubbed with BPS Sweet Money and on the MAK on smoke for an hour:


Raised temp to 250°F until I liked the color:


Wrapped in foil with some moisture and back on the MAK:


Out of foil and back on the MAK to firm up bark:


Pork rested and pulled:


Pulled pork sandwiches with some vinegar based slaw and vinegar based bbq sauce.


This was real good! Family says it was the best I have made, and I have tried many injections, rubs, sauces, slaws, etc.

Very pleased. Thanks for looking!


Oh my... Carolina style pulled pork with slaw. YUM!!! My favorite way to do pulled pork!

And I like the way that slaw looks too. Some folks prefer creamy, some vinegar-based. I love both kinds, but for pulled pork (or hot dogs) I definitely prefer vinegar-based.

As a side note... The town where I live (Barberton, Ohio) is famous for our Serbian style fried chicken (it's even on Wikipedia - Barberton Chicken), and it's ALWAYS served with a vinegar-based slaw that's equally famous! Lookup Barberton Cole Slaw and you'll find it. That's what I make for pulled pork.
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