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pork standing rib roast...need some advice


New member
Howdy, I have done several of these on my old Traeger...which has been replaced by a Mak 2 star....but I am finding that cooking times and temps for the Traeger do not transfer exactly to the Mak....

Any advice...??
ron b


New member
Ron-- Was this the roast you sent photos of to Bruce here at MAK?? If so, you've GOTTA share those with everyone here, you NAILED that.

I told Bruce no more freebies-- next time you call for recipe tips, you have to send us some of the finished product!!! ;)


New member
thanks to the great guys and gal at Mak....Bruce-Matt and Katrina...I got it done...

have done 3 of them since that last post...
used my Mak set to Smoke for as long as I thought I dared...wanting to leave myself enough time to polish it off at 325....pulling them off the grill when they hit 140 to 145

all three roasts came out perfectly.. if I knew how I would post a picture...

thanks for all the help and advice from my newest best friends...the folks at Mak Grills...
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