Pork Tenderloin w/ Tatonka Dust


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Been awhile since we have posted a cook - seems like every night we have free Mother Nature gets in the way. Got a cook in Friday night before another winter storm hit (it is hitting now) we have a drift in the driveway that is higher than the tailgate of Marty's truck ...not sure if the blade operator is going to make it in to work tomorrow. :lol:

Here goes the cook - started with a Pork Tenderloin package, got on sale for $2.98/lb. That is about as cheap as we have seen in a long time.

Seasoned with some roasted garlic olive oil and Tatonka Dust

Smoked with Oak for an hour at 150° and then bumped the heat to 350° and took them to 145° (planned on about 140° but wasn't paying attention :whistle:)

Along side was some brussel sprouts in butter with minced garlic.

This was the first time we have done a pork tenderloin with Tatonka Dust. Turned out excellent!!


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I want to hear Trace Adkins sing about Tatonka dust. he had that son badonka donk we could make that work Nice cook!


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Thanks for the post. I have used your 1 hour on smoke, bump to 350, pull at 140 method several times and the results are wonderful!!!
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