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I've been smoking meats for probably 30 years on every thing from Little Chef to my current Bradley wl PID controller. Mostly been doing fish and jerky with a few game birds thrown in for good measure. I decided last month that I should maybe buy a pellet grill due to their popularity; lots of friends and neighbors now have them and are telling me how great they are. I jumped in with what my research indicated was one of the best and bought the Camp Chef Woodwind SG with Sear Box.

I've had it now for about 3 weeks and have done pork steak; boneless, skinless chicken breast; baby back ribs; and sirloin steak. I've been pleased with the results so far and look forward to many successful cooks in the future. I also joined a couple of other smoked meat forums to increase my knowledge base on pellet grills and pellet smoking/cooking. I found this site on Google just this morning and immediately registered. Thank you Big Poppa Smokers for providing this forum.

My first bag of pellets were Pit Boss from Wally World at $8.88/20# bag. I then did some searching on the other sites I registered on and found that a better product might be either Smoke Ring or Lumber Jack (LJ). Searching locally, I found there is only one vender selling Smoke Ring pellets in Utah and that store is about 40 miles away. The Lumber Jack products are available from several stores within 15 minutes drive from my house and I can get them for $12.99/20# bag. I bought 4 bags of the LJ in Competition MHC and will stick with that for the time being. I may try some straight flavors in the future after I get more familiar and comfortable with the processes for different meats.

I hope I can contribute some knowledge and gain a lot more from this site. I'm going to do some Filet Mignons on the Woodwind tonight. Start at 225* and go until the internal temp reaches 135* and then pop them over to the Sear Box for 2 minutes on a side - 1 minute and then turn 45 degrees for another minute to get a nice looking cross hatch on each side. Flip and repeat. It work very well on the sirloin steaks we did a few nights ago.

I bought a brisket flat (about 4#) last week and want to try a low & slow on that sometime next week. I'll be looking for some tips & tricks to make that come out perfect. I understand that there is a real possibility with a flat that it will come out dry because of the lack of fat on a typical brisket flat. With just two of us eating, I thought a whole brisket might be way to much meat for us.

Thanks for having me. Life is good.


Found them

If you can find CookinPellets locally, give them a try too. They're 100% flavor wood.
There are 2 sources for that brand listed in Utah. One is about 50 miles away and the other is 20 minutes from my home. I'll check the local store next time I'm near there. They are a custom meat store and I do occasionally buy some of their specialty meat products. Like the sirloin we smoked last week. :)


Welcome to the forum! Like Wolverines says, let's see some pics of your Camp Chef in action!

There are so many brands of pellets available now. I like and use BBQer's Delight and Lumber Jack. And I almost never burn 100% flavorwood pellets (100% Hickory, Apple, etc.) because they just create more ash. That's why I like the BBQer's Delight; they are an oak-blended pellet and just burn a lot cleaner and seem to give me consistent temps. I buy some Lumber Jack 100% flavors so I can have them for use in the A-Maze-N cold smoking tubes, but if I use them in the pellet grill, I mix them at least 50/50 with oak.
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