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had a craving for comfort food, wanted gravy and mashed potatoes, chuck roast was on sale.....so I bought a chuck roast and a soup bone.... salt & pepper on the roast and soup bone. soup bone in a pan with carrots, onions, shallot, garlic. Into the MAK on smoke for about an hour. I took the pan with the soup bone out and put it into the oven at a higher temp to get browned up. Upped the MAK to 250 , after good color on the pot roast I foiled with a little red wine and beef broth.



soup bone and veggies had red wine and beef broth added to them to simmer for awhile, it then became gravy :)

baked some oatmeal bread, made some mashed potatoes, cooked some carrots



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Deb, I can never get mine to come out tender. Maybe I cook it too long before I foil. I foiled at 140. Cooked at 225 the whole time. I used alittle apple cider vinegar and pulled at about 198. Of course I'm using grass fed beef, maybe that is why. Yours looks delicious! :p

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I haven't done a grass fed chuck but have done bison, I think it's harder to get right where I want it. This was a grocery store chuck, I pulled the probe out of it at 195 and started checking just with a fork, it went for quite awhile longer to get it where I wanted it.

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