Pretzels, Smoky Beer Cheese and Wings....


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Well, I thought it was game day...........
figured I'd be nice and do a little game day snack for my husband...... Pats bye week, oh well........ gonna do it anyway because it's what I want for lunch ;)

some cream cheese on the counter to soften.... then mixed up some pretzel dough ...... while that was rising made some smoky beer cheese (Cliff's recipe )

light cream cheese, smoked cabot 50% light cheddar, smoked cabot seriously sharp cheddar, FT

(shhh, don't tell anybody about that lower fat stuff in there)

shredded 1/2 of each of the cheddars, put them, the cream cheese, the beer and the rest of the ingredients into the food processor and blended all up....... into the fridge to rest

got the MAK heating.....
rolled the dough into 10 strips, attempted some pretzel shapes, dipped into a baking soda, warm water, egg white solution (I'm too chicken to play with lye), then a little happy ending over 1/2

I tossed some chicken wings with some Money then into the grill they went. A few minutes later the pretzels went in
Almost done

everyone finished up at the same time, tossed the wings with some Mike's Hot Honey & lime

a little snack........ smoky beer cheese, pretzels & wings........ (the hot honey is really good on the pretzel too)



Two Yums up

I love soft pretzels. I bet they were really good with the Beer Cheese.

Deb, I have a similar project planned for this coming holiday, so I might be hitting you up for a good hard pretzel recipe and some advice.



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Are there any houses for rent by you? Cliff and I could just rent one and then sublet it to whoever wants to drive to your place for a meal!!



Looks fantastic as always Deb! I've never heard of chili honey before. Might have to get me some of that. Sounds great on bisquits and pretzels and a host of other things!


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it is really good scooter.... perfect on the wings, I also love it on pepperoni or salame pizza, I did some chicken & waffles awhile ago and it was really good on that... vanilla ice cream


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Wow, It all looks so good! :p :p I wonder where you get the hot honey from?

............................ ZEP


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Yup, Mikes Hot Honey -- it's from NY so if you order now be patient, I don't know if they up and running. I don't know what you guys are seeing on the national news but NY/NJ is still a mess and we have a northeaster coming mid-week which is going to make it wet, damp & very cold for the people affected.

Scally - are you here yet with that baby, I still want to hold him :)


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Deb I used a baking soda bath for the parboiling of the dough. I haven't heard of using lye? I am assuming it would be used in the same way? These were the first ones I have made so I am far an expert.


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I used baking soda but did not parboil mine. I used a combo of directions - dough from one recipe and baking soda/egg white batch from another. This was just a dip in the mixture and produced the most anemic pretzels I have ever made. They were very good but the outside texture was not pretzel like. I'll do something else next time.

lye - there is a food grade lye (though I have seen people talk about using red devil from the hardware store :( not where i'm going ever) . you dip in a lye/water solution then bake. You have to wear gloves. I have seen cautions to throw the kids & animals out of the house while doing..... scares me..... not sure I want to go there but pink salt used to scare me and I cure stuff all the time now
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