Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding

Smoked a Prime Rib for Easter and it came out great!

Seasoned with Little Louis w/P, BPS Double Secret, and a touch of Montreal Steak seasoning. Wrapped and put in the fridge for about 4 hours. Brought up to room temp and put it on the MAK 2 Star at 250°F with a pan of water below (saw BP do this, so it must be good):


Cut up some Brussel sprouts, red onion, and small gold potatoes and mixed with some EVOO, balsamic vinegar, Little Louis w/P, and Desert Gold:


Put it on the grill covered with the Prime Rib about 1/2 hour before Prime Rib was done:


Pulled Prime Rib at 130°F, covered with foil and let it rest. Stuck Thermapen in it to see when the push ended. Went higher than I thought it would:


While the Prime Rib was resting, I raised the MAK to 425° to finish the vegetables and to get ready for the Yorkshire Pudding. Poured the pudding mix into a muffing pan with heated fat in it and put it on the MAK. Ready to pull after about 20 minutes:


Everything plated up:


Thanks for looking!


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Stellar work on every part of that meal.

I used to tolerate brussels sprouts, but now I am addicted -- yours look yummmmy!

Thanks for sharing.


It all looks good to me! Love the Popovers and those Brussels sprouts would disappear very quickly around our house!

P.S. For future reference: For roasts I always count on somewhere around a 10° push from the carry-over heat.
Thanks Tent. I expect for 5-10 degree push, and this was in the middle, but my last couple were only 5. Not sure why, but the end result is always good. 5 degrees is not a huge difference in the whole scheme of things, at least for me.



Tip: If you push the temp probe in the side of the roast instead of in the end then you wont have any slices with a hole in the middle if that kind of thing is important to you.
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