Prime Rib-Eyes


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Game 1 of the first World Series deserves the best. Thick cut Prime rib-eyes for me and the wife. Seasoned with Texas BBQ Rub Steak Seasoning, a dash of garlic salt and a little Woo-Woo sauce to hold it all together.


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Reversed searing. Smoked with
BBQers Delight Mesquite @ 200 for 15 minutes. Removed from grill and brought the heat up to 550. Seared, turned and flipped. Add Mac & Cheese and au gratin potatoes and meal is complete.


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Very poor Ranger showing tonight. Mistakes on offense that little leaguers don't make. 4 errors in one night? Come on! But that's why they play 7 games. As Harry would say, "Never say die!"

Steaks were really good. Next time I'm smoking at 180* for just about 10 minutes though. I also got invovled watching the 2nd inning and overcooked the steaks a little. Usually medium rare to medium is all I do, but these ended up almost medium well.

Big Poppa

careful with filling up the grill as it inhibits the convection......if you use four use the standard size ones...that way I get to sell you two new sets.....hahaha

Want a sale? WIn one of the weekly contest....want a bigger sale win two of them!

By the way....Im sure you dont have a wife that beautiful...that must be the neighbor!
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