Purists hate these. Fall off the bone ribs

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OK I know. I really know. Your rib meat can't fall off the bone. Except when your guests ask for them that way...then you can cook them and know if there are any purists spying you can blame it on the other guests request...and secretly enjoy them because I actually love those babies...

I removed the membrane...(ok I lied I buy them at costco no membrane) light coating of frenches mustard for glue and then plowboys yardbird rub

Cooked for 2.5 hours at 235 (at home my temps are different for each cook..) then I take some foil and put a sprinkling of brown sugar and a drizzle of honey and parkey and put the ribs meat side down. On the bone side I just put a little tiger sauce and put the foiled ribs meat side down and dook ofr 45 minutes and then remove them from the foil and return to the smoker bone side down and cook for about 45 minutes sauce and keep them in there for another 15 minutes and serve.....




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They look nice 'n' juicey, good smoke ring, too. It's too early in the morning to get this hungry for dinner! Nice!

But CostCo sells their ribs with the membranes already removed? That may be regional, but the last time I bought from them I had to do itmyslef. Did they come cryovac'ed? (Or whatever they call that sealing process the meat packers use.)

Thanks for sharing!


Good thing I ate a little something this morning; I love how them ribs are looking!

As for the purists: They can cook their ribs the way they want, I won't complain.

I absolutely love some juicy, tender ribs, and if they start falling off the bone, then I say, "Let them fall, Baby. Let them fall!"


Those look great! Don't worry about purists, if we would have listened to them there would be no America, no Rock and Roll, and no pellet cookers! Cook what you like and be honest about it and life is good! Any chance you get to be a burr in a purist saddle is just gravy!
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