Ribeyes with the searing grate


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Despite cooking on a MAK (and working here!) for 3 years, I've never cooked using the sear grate before. As luck would have it, we found one floating around the shop to use for testing, so I got to take it home to play with!

Picked up a couple of inexpensive ribeyes, and sprinkled them with some smoked kosher salt, and let them dry brine in the fridge for a couple of hours.


Next up, they got a liberal coating of Cash Cow, and onto the MAK to smoke for about an hour.

I foolishly didn't think to have a bit of snack before making up dinner, so by the time we were ready to sear, both James and I were a bit irritable and hangry. I turned the grill to HIGH, but only let it get it up about 415° before throwing the steaks onto the searing grate.


Just a couple of minutes on each side, and they hit 140° IT.


Gave a little extra sprinkle of Cash Cow, and tucked in!


Next time will let the grill get a bit hotter before going to sear, but all in all was pretty happy with how they turned out, and especially happy to finally stuff my face!! :) SO hard smelling that cooking while your belly is growling-- I'm sure you all know the feeling!

Missed the interior money shot because my hands were too busy eating, but nice crispy fat, and great smoky juicy flavor.

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