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I was wandering through Costco yesterday and saw something I have not seen before. There was a counter with a selection of Prime beef, and they had short ribs. So I asked for a few, and then started searching how to cook them.

Stumbled across Malcom Reed of How to BBQ Right cooking some on youtube. Pretty much followed his recipe with some slight differences on cooking temps and times and they came out wonderful. Here we go:

First, seasoned with Little Louis with BP, and then catching some smoke:


After a few hours, started making the braising sauce. Onion, celery, carrots, garlic, tomato paste, beef broth, red wine, rosemary and bay leaf:


All mixed up:


Put it on the grill to warm up prior to putting the short ribs in the mix. After about 1/2 hour, put the short ribs in and raised the temp to 325°F. Cooked for about an hour and checked. This is what it looked like:


All served up with mashed potatoes, reduced sauce, and a vegetable:


This was absolutely fantastic! Will definitely do again if I see short ribs at Costco.


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Outstanding. I gotta go to Costco and find some of those -- and I will prepare them just like you did!

So you smoked them for a few hours before adding to the veggies? What temp, and what kind of wood?

Thanks :)


They look great, and braising them, like you did, is a great way to cook them!

I love beef shorts ribs, and am glad you have discovered them. :)

sptucker said:
Outstanding. I gotta go to Costco and find some of those -- and I will prepare them just like you did!

I get mine from my butcher, and they're a LOT more economical than Beef Back Ribs, especially with the way they're trimming beef backs ribs so closely to the bones these days.
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I smoked for an hour, then 260 for about 1.5 hours. Times are approximate as I went for color. Once the ribs were added to the veggie mix, I raised to 300. Google how to bbq right short ribs to find the video I followed. I just adjusted temps to my liking. Good luck!


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Thanks guys. I may go for it this weekend if I can find some ribs!

(sorry it took me so long to respond -- I was out of town...)
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