Should I be considering any additional brand of Smoker


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Hi All,

I have started my eval for a smoker. I tend to put more effort in than is required. Should I be looking at any other models? I am hoping to stay in the $1000 range, but I do understand the "buy once, cry once" theory.

This is what I am looking at - copy of some columns in my spread sheet:
Model URL MSRP Price
Camp Chef Wood Wind 24 with Sear Box WoodWind 24 $1,000.00
Grilla Silverbac Alpha Silverbac Alpha $799.00
Rec Tec 590 Rec Tec RT-590. $899.00
Mak 1 Star Mak 1 Star $1,999.00
Yoder Grills Yoder480S WiFi $1,579.00


If you're willing to spend the extra money, definitely go with the MAK 1 Star! It now includes the FlameZone in the base price, and let me tell you that grill is built like a tank and absolutely ROCKS!


I second the MAK selection. It is really hard to find anyone that has ever been displeased with the performance of their MAK. These things work and do it WELL!
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