Smoked Burgers (1st Time)



This is my first time smoking, so any advise is appreciated :)

Here we go!

The players:

Now add them all together (I added an egg, to keep it together)

All right all mixed in

4 Pieces

Into the 1 Star they go!

Good ol fashion spread:

Looking good! But not completely done (notice the jalapenos below)

Add some cheese

Prepping is done


Heres a better shot

Sure was SmokiN ;)


Well, I think you did an outstanding job. Seriously, they look great except for one minor problem...

They weren't on MY plate!!! ;)

We're very glad to have you here as often as possible!


Why weren't those poor lonely jalapenos added into the party between those buns??
Awesome job Shelly!


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Welcome Michelle. Not only did the burger look very good, great job on the pictures! I wish I could submit pics like that. Have fun!


Scooter the truth is I like pick up and Bite my JallapeNos, I like to get Hott fingers! haha Im a Huge Spice Lover! :D

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Wow they look great.. you set the bar very high for a first time burger......

As a newbie , I haven't done that yet but if the rain ever quits I will definitely give it a shot....

thanks for sharing
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