Smoked Chicken Poutine


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This may seem odd to some of you but trust me!
Inspired by a regional Quebec dish Poutine that consists of french fries cheese curds and gravy..It is damn good!
I had no curds so I swapped with shredded mozzarella and added some smoked chicken.
Seasoned the meat like this..

Keep the beer from freezing..

Smoked the chicken for an hour and finished at 350.
All chopped up..

Plated on top of crispy french fries and smothered in chicken gravy...

Try it!! You will thank me!!!


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Wow, my French Canadian side says what the h$ll are you doing? The rest of me says dang that looks good!


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I have seen poutine on Anthony Bourdains show. Yea it sounds weird but would love to try it. No chance of getting cheese curds in Atlanta Ga. nice cook and thanks for the reminder.


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It looks great to me Scally! I've not tried chicken poutine but your dish sure looks tasty! I'll give it a try, thanks! :)


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Nice Scally! Growing up on the Canadian border Ive had my share of Poutine! There is actually a place now here in Vegas, the owner has Buffalo Roots, that has it on the menu! It is Legit!
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