Smoked Kielbasa Time!


I had a hankering for some smoked kielbasa, so I mixed up a 5 lb batch. What's in the bowl was about 1/2 lb that was left in the tube & neck of the stuffer. It won't go to waste.

Hung on my sausage rack and into the MAK with the A-Maze-N pellet tube (below the grate on the right) and a Maple/Hickory/Cherry blend of pellets, for a couple hours of cold smoke. I made a couple patties out of the leftover sausage which also went in.

After about two hours of cold smoke, I put a probe into one of the sausages and turned the MAK on to Smoke Mode with more of the Maple/Hickory/Cherry blend. I really like the flavor and color this blend gives to smoked sausage.

Once an internal temp of 152° was reached the sausages were plunged into an ice water bath to cool quickly and keep them plump.

Finished, and ready to eat! The patties will get cut up and added to a pot of beans.

Thanks for looking!


Cliff, you are a master. Good job. I am trying to work up the courage to do a sausage cook. Could I cold smoke the sausage in the MAK 2 cold smoker & do a good job? If so, for how long? Suggestions?


You can safely cold-smoke sausage ONLY, and let me say that again... ONLY, if it has been cured FIRST using a nitrite/nitrate curing salt (which this sausage was). Otherwise you are risking Botulism.

So, if it's cured, then yes you can cold-smoke them in your cold-smoke chamber, or using an A-Maze-N pellet smoker, for a couple hours first for a deeper smoke flavor.

If it's a fresh (uncured) sausage (Italian, brats, etc.) you can Hot-Smoke them SAFELY in Smoke Mode (which is hot enough to actually cook them) and they are delicious!

Here are some detailed instructions on smoking sausages in your pellet smoker:

Hope this helps and answers your question!


P.S. Let me know if you'd like a recipe to try.
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