snacky poo - deb style


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no ribs, no fatties, actually no meat in the smoker at all ;)

was prepping some food for the upcoming week and decided to work on a little snack at the same time...

some olives on smoke, garlic in some olive oil and a red pepper are all part of the snack...


took the olives off before I upped the temp, then the garlic/oil and red pepper came off. some of the garlic and oil went into some white bean dip. peeled the red pepper, cut into strips and tossed with a tiny bit of balsamic, the rest of the oil from cooking the garlic/oil became a dipping oil - added cracked black pepper, crushed red pepper and grated some parmesan cheese into it


then sliced up some sesame semolina bread up thin and grilled on the MAK

the snack........ sesame semolina bread, dipping oil, white bean dip, roasted red pepper, smoked olives and some really good dried sausage




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ya thats my kind of snacky poo's. it looks great. a whole lot of yummy going on there. ya know, when it snacky poo time its also adult beverage time too. i don't see any snacky poo beverages?


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Nice lookin' snacky poo's!! I was bragging on you last night in my cooking class about cooking your Famous Cheesecake on your pellet grill. The discussions about pellet grills overtook the class towards the end of the evening. I will be bringing some Super Pig Candy to next weeks class to show off a bit. both chefs involved are from Johnson and Wales in Charlotte.



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The name snacky poo doesnt do that justice. Call is Mediterranean tapas or something. They look too good to have poo in the name.


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What kind of sausage is that, looks interestingly good?

I don't see a brand on the wrapper - one was a spcy salame with sangiovese wine and the other had fennel pollen. Both were good but i don't think the spicy one was very spicy. When you open the paper on these the sausage is in a mold covered casing that you need to cut off.
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