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Snake River Farms Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steaks + Grilled/Charred Green Onions


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Been pretty busy here at BPS (charity cook for Sacred Heart school, and The Guinea Pig comp), but I have been able to sneak some cooks in on the Memphis Pro.

Annella at Snake River Farms sent me some goodies as a, "thank you," for hosting her at the King of the Smoker competition in December. I really wanted to try my hand at the bacon wrapped tenderloin steaks (since I wasn't happy with my last steak outcome). You can get Snake River Farms products through BP's Meatlocker.

I also wanted to grill/char some green onions I got at the farmer's market. A little olive oil + Desert Gold.

Double Secret on the steaks:


No photos of everything on the grill, I was too worried about ruining the steaks!

Plated shots - I wasn't able to get photos of the cut steaks BUT they were cooked perfectly (rare-medium rare) - I was really happy with this cook!

Everything was delicious, I would definitely order these steaks from Snake River Farms to cook again.

Thanks for looking!


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What temp did you set the Memphis Pro to? Must have been up high enough to make that bacon look that nice. I assume to get to rare-medium rare internal temp wwas somewhere between 125 and 130?

Looks great!!!
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