Some reverse sear buffalo burgers with O rings


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I smoked some buffalo burgers for 1 hour at 180 degrees in the Memphis Pro... used hickory.


added sliced onions after 30 minutes and let them smoke for about 45 minutes
I've smoked these in my drum but wanted to see how they would turn out on the pro...these turned out better, I was able to add smoke without cooking the onions.

kicked the heat up on the Pro and seared the steaks for several minutes on each side... to crisp up the bacon.


used a beer batter on the O rings and made a sauce with ketchup, adobo and chipotles..


they were kind of tasty!


Thanks for looking!

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SMoke the onions and then make onion rings??????? You could open a chain of restaurants and just serve that.


The other day I just found a butcher less than 20 min away that sells Bison products. You're making me wish I'd gotten some!

The burger and the rings both look scrumptious indeed!
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