Spare Ribs


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Being new to Pellet cooking I have only cooked Spare Ribs 1 time for Labor Day this year. I did them @ 225 for 3 hrs. foiled for 1 hr. and out of the foil for the last hr. 5 hrs. total. They were amazing for my first time.

I want to try them again on Sunday with NO FOIL. So do I just keep them on for 5 hrs, spritzing them with 50/50 apple juice&water often. And sauce them the last hour.

All comments welcome.



I would suggest lowering your cooking temp a little if you don't foil. BP told me about cooking baby backs at 210 for 6 hours no foil, now that is the only method I use!

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There are so many ways...Mike Mills told me about the 210 and it works good....I dont cook them any set way...sometimes long at 210 sometimes like johnny trigs at 275 225 at 5 hours works good too


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i like not messing with them. i am going to try the 210 method for 6 hours. got my spices that i ordered from bp showing up today. got me some firewires coming too. going to try the peach squash recipe now.
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