Start the new year off with a big contest!


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congrats to the winners and thanks BP for letting us play. good judging chili. i had a hard time on deciding on the 1st and 2nd spot too. both of them looked fantastic.


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Wow, thanks Chili... So many good cooks this week I wasnt expecting to win.... Congrats Rip and Sparky and great looking meals everyone else!!!! Thanks BP for putting it on!!


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Great entries this week. Congrats to Dan and Sparky! Thanks for judging Chili, I know it can be tough. Thanks BP!

Big Poppa

you are all welcome...what great food gets presented here...Sparky I thin on e of the things is that people are just a little scared and also dont have ideas that they think will place....its about the creative outlet....its great when you place but its great posting and collecting 5 smackers too....


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In the big scheme of things, $5 can get you 5 pounds of pellets delivered to your doorstep (and 5 hours of average burn time)... Just sayin!

Come join the fun. :D
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