Steak dinner and a special breakfast request.


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Wife wanted steak for dinner so rummaged through the fridge for something to have with it.
Reversed seared the steak ( slow cooked at 250 until IT of 125 the turned it up and used the MAK grill grates. Used simple Double secret and a little EVOO on the steaks.

Decided grilled Romaine hearts would go nice (never actually tried to make them myself. Used some garlic EVOO amd BP LL w/ pepper.

Added some garlic bread (good stuff from Costco) with a good layer of Garlic parm peppercorn cheese spread and a little dusting of chipotle powder (and a couple hot dogs for the kids)

Fried up some let over porketta to use like bacon bits with a spicy ranch dressing shredded cheese.
Our plates:

This morning my 4yo boy asked if he could make pancakes and sausage.. i said sure! He thought about it a second and a smile came on his face.. " can we use our grill?" Moments that make a dad proud :)

So I had to post this for him:
Used the MAK griddle, which I sadly always forget that I have until it is too late:

And this is how he wanted it plated for him:

It was a great weekend and I hope everyone else was as well.


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Good looking food!! It's great that your boy wants to use the grill. Can't get them started too early, IMHO.

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