Stuffed pork chops?

Big Poppa

I like to stuff them with proscioutto and fonitina cheese and then finish with Peter Luger Steak sauce....Or any not too sweet sauce.


I'll be doing recipe sometime soon...

From Terry Black at Super Smokers:
Stuffed St Louis Loin Chops
1.5" thick chops
Cut slit to create pocket in your chops
Mix Italian sausage with Provolone cheese 50/50 as your stuffing
dredge the chops through a pork marinade of your choice
rub the chops inside and out with rub of your choice while wet with the marinade
mash together a fistful of your sausage and cheese stuffing and stuff the chop
use toothpicks to seal up the chop
cook indirect until IT is between 150-160
mop or baste with marinade near the end

When I do this recipe, I'll sear it at some point.

Phrett Bender

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I buy them ready made and cook at 220 until about 160 internal temp. It's about 2 hours and they are moist and the exposed stuffing has a crispy layer.
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