Stuffed Pork Loin


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Pork loin was brined in MH Pork Brine overnight then cut open and seasoned with Tatonka Dust and then added the filling. Filling was horseradish cheese, sauted mushrooms, and some gourmet peppers from Uncle Gary's Peppers.

Wrapped in bacon and secured with grilling bands, on the pellet grill at 375°. After 30 mins or so I added a hasbrown casserole and some brussel sprouts.

As the temp on the pork loin was coming up I added a couple of thin coats of a new bbq sauce that we got our hands on. Smokey Daves Bird Bath - this is EXCELLENT sauce!!!

Couple layers of sauce in...

Plated and enjoyed!!

Close Up!



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Wow that looks good, I have a 3 pound bag of Tatonka dust from you on its way to Canada you can pack me a plate of that & send it with.
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