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Surf and Turf

Choice Tri Tip from Costco (looks prime to me):


Balsamic Glazed and seasoned with BPS Money and Double Secret. In the fridge:


After a few hours, on the MAK on smoke for an hour:


Raised to 275F after an hour on smoke. Held temperature until Tri Tip was 142F:


Rested for 20 minutes and then sliced:


Shrimp, marinated in Desert Gold and EVOO on the MAK:


All plated up with tri tip, Shrimp, pinto beans, cucumber, onion, and tomato salad, and broccoli:


Best cook in a long time.

Thanks for looking!


Absolutely nailed that tritip Norcal! Rest of plate looks awesome also! is that plate for the whole family??? ;)


That's got to be one of the best looking tri-tips I've ever seen. It looks more like it should've been graded as prime with that much fat marbling.

And you cooked it to perfection to boot!


New member
Wow... brilliant. Tri-tip will be the perfect easy first cook once I get set up.

"Choice Tri Tip from Costco (looks prime to me)"
I always tell people that Costco Choice punches above its weight and their prime is usually pretty lousy (for prime). I make sure to compare them each purchase to see if its worth the price difference. That's a great cut and cooked beautifully.
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