Temp Difference Between Main Chamber and Cold Smoker on 2-Star


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Would there happen to be any kind of chart, or any information that shows the temp difference between the main chamber and the cold smoker box on the 2-Star? For example, when I have the main chamber running at 450, or 180, what temp would I expect the cold smoker to be hitting?


It will depend on where you measure the temps, the left side where the heat flows in will be hotter than the right where it flows out etc.
On average the box will be below 100 degrees on smoke and below 250 degrees on high.


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I'm using the Super Smoker Box for the first time today for jerky. With the pellet boss set at 350*F the Smoker Box is at 140*F (it has a thermometer in the door).
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Ambient temps will also play into it. Cold weather and hot weather will influence the internal temp of your warming tray/cold smoker but pretty much what MD said with ambient temps pushing in either direction (approx 10F where I live) depending on winter or summer.
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