Temp Differences In Shade Vs Sun?


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I'm in the process of testing out a new PB, Thermocouple and Flash Fire, however there's something that I've noticed with this set up and also before, with all the old "guts". Oh, also, the MAK 2 has been seasoned over years, so there are no new-grill factors involved here.
So, what I've noticed is that here, in NorCal, where afternoon temps are 95*+, Grill Temp seems to run hotter than Set Temp, sometimes by 10 to 15*+, when the smoker is in the sun. I would assume that no matter what factors the weather is playing on the grill, the TC only sees the interior temp and reports that back to the PB. That being the case, I wouldn't think there would be any effect on Grill/Set Temps, however I can't ignore the fact that in the sun, the Grill Temp runs higher than it does in the shade.
MAK Daddy...is there an explanation for this?


Yep. I've noticed, mainly in Summer time, that our MAK runs hotter in direct sunlight versus in shade or under an easy-up canopy.

Don't over think it; the Sun puts out a lot of energy in the Summer and the grill soaks up that energy and heats up. And because the air is also hot, it just takes a lot longer for the grill to give up that extra heat. My other grill (the Stoven/Weber Combo) is the same way too.

In fact that's why I avoid cold-smoking pretty much anything in the Summertime. It's just too hard to control.


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Probably right. I've worked with it over the years...just wondering why it is. At least I know I'm not the only one who sees this. Thanks TentHunter.
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