Temperature Testing at Grate Level


BPS said it best when he stated "don't obsess over your pit temp" instead learn how it cooks.

For those potential new MAK Grill owners who need more assurance here are some test results, I will try to post more temps tomorrow.
I Have not performed these tests since we released this new FZ pan back in 2017.
This is a brand new grill so as your MAK get's seasoned in the radiant heat coming from the shiny stainless will be less over time at the grate level. of course "exact placement" of the probe on the grates will vary the temp, the closer to grease pan vents you get where the heated air is circulating the hotter that probe will read. Also this is done with the flame zone covered, if it is open the grate temp will be much hotter as the heated air is now coming straight through the pan to the grate. You should have the flame zone covered for all cooks that are not grilling hot and fast. Weather, wind, pellets, cleanliness, foil and so on will all have different effects.
it's important to note that the controller reads the TC in the MAK at it's location, this is the best most proven spot to protect the sensor & wire from Damage. The hotter you cook the more radiant heat you will get from the grease pan therefore we will stop this test around 350.

Today 80deg here in Oregon

IMG_0971 by Bob Tucker, on Flickr

IMG_0969 by Bob Tucker, on Flickr

IMG_0975 by Bob Tucker, on Flickr

IMG_0976 by Bob Tucker, on Flickr

IMG_0987 by Bob Tucker, on Flickr

IMG_0990 by Bob Tucker, on Flickr

IMG_0991 by Bob Tucker, on Flickr
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Brand new test grill. Feel free to send it to me. LOL!

Thanks for the test! & that temp differential is pretty damn close!!
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