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Temps at the grill and GMG readout


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I have a GMG Jim Bowie wifi model. Using the meat probe on a butt right now. The meat probe temp is showing 157 degrees currently, but i also have a Ivation dual sensor monitor on the grill too. The Ivation meat probe shows 144 degrees and the two meat probes are close to each other and inserted to the same depth. The GMG controller shows my grill temp as 150 degrees and maintaining. My ivation grill sensor shows the temp at 239 degrees and it is at the same level as the grate in the grill. Is this just a matter of knowing my grill? I don't suspect anything is wrong with the grill or the GMG sensors. I do not know, however, how to prove which is accurate or if the GMG sensors are showing more or less, do I just adjust accordingly. i.e. knowing that the GMG sensor is 10 degrees hotter, do I cook my butt for pulled pork to 205 instead of 195? Fire away.
More to add to this: I used still a third, external, meat thermometer and found the two externals to be 17 degrees different than the one supplied by GMG with the Jim Bowie. Decided to call GMG to ask about the disparity. They immediately offered to send out another meat probe. Can't ask for any better support than that. I am using the externals right now waiting for my butt to get past the stall.
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